Frequently Asked Questions

1How should I prepare for my granite cleaning?
To ensure a quick and efficient process please have all items removed from you granite countertops prior to the arrival of our Granite Shine technician.
2How long should I wait to use my counters?
Now that your granite countertops are complete, please wait at least 1 hour before placing objects back on them. Wait at least 24 hours before cleaning your countertops, this will ensure that the impregnating sealer soaks into the pores of the granite and maximizes the effectiveness.
3I do not want to schedule online?
You can choose to have us call you and schedule your visit at the end of the ordering process.
4Do I have to pay now?
We have not implemented a payment option at this time so you are not obligated to purchase anything. We will confirm a service visit with you over the phone even if you scheduled online. At that time we will confirm the service you would like for us to do and what the total is.
5I am not sure if I have Granite?
If you are not sure we recommend you call our help line at 980.253.4625 so we can help you.
6Do you clean Marble, Travertine, and other stone surfaces?
At this time we do not clean or service any other stone surfaces. If you are in Charlotte please contact Restore Tile and Stone at (704) 507-2535 they handle all stone surfaces.
7How long will the cleaning take?
The time we are at your house depends on the services you requested. We will be sure to provide you an expected time when setting the appointment.